Lighthouse Ministry

410 South Columbia Street
Wenatchee, WA

The Lighthouse is a street level ministry that is focused upon sharing the good news and promise of Jesus, our perfect Lord and Savior. We are located in downtown Wenatchee Washington. We provide services and ministry to any and all who come in the door. Operating in ministry and being open every day allows us to build relationships that are reliable and sound in the midst of a chaotic world.

So many people are lost, hurting, depressed, addicted and lonely in this world. Yet God has called us to reveal complete healing through Christ. This is revealed by the powerful presence of truth found in His Word. The Lighthouse - "A Jesus Place" is shining God's light into the darkness through the awesome works of His Holy Spirit.

In addition to three meals a day we provide for the needs of our patrons which also include clothing, haircuts, sewing and mending as well as food bank services. All of our services are free and always will continue to be. We completely rely upon the provision of God for all donations. We use Jesus as our example and provide for the people's physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental needs through transformation found in a relationship with our Lord.

Everything in our ministry is completely grace based. We give without expectation. We will not force anyone to attend teaching but we always welcome everyone at all times. It is the goodness of God that draws us into repentance so we reveal His good and perfect love to all. When God's love is revealed in anyones life they will never be the same.


Meal Times

Brunch - 11:00am

Monday - Saturday
Breakfast - 8:30am
Lunch - 11:30am
Dinner - 5:00am

Director: Shawn Arington
Phone: (509) 888-4864