A Move To Serve

Lighthouse Christian Ministries’ building project will allow a move to grow, enrich and sustain the ministries we provide.

Project Overview

Lighthouse Christian Ministries embarked upon a project to move the soup kitchen, food distribution, medical/dental services and staff offices to a permanent home at 410 South Columbia Street. This is an amazing opportunity for the Lighthouse to grow, enrich and sustain the ministry that the Lord has entrusted to us. The space is much larger than our currently overflowing facilities and will allow us to grow existing services to meet the need. Enrichment of current services will come from better-designed ministry spaces and expanded ways to serve afforded by features of the new building. Increased sustainability of core Lighthouse ministries will come from knowing the long-term location of the Ministry Center and the elimination of rent expense through the eventual purchase of the property. Lighthouse is seeking financial donors who would like to partner to bring about these goals.

The Challenge

Physical space has begun to limit the number of lives able to be positively impacted by the grace and services provided by Lighthouse Christian Ministries. 

Currently the Lighthouse soup kitchen serves between 12,000 and 14,000 meals per month and also provides many tons of food into neighborhoods and through foodbank services. The soup kitchen is running at capacity. The building is brimming during church services. And the current building is neither large enough nor of sufficient quality to be a worthy long-term investment. 

The Lighthouse Clinic runs out of a small, leased space in East Wenatchee with insufficient parking and suboptimal layout for addressing both medical and dental needs. 

Additionally, the Lighthouse has to turn away many larger donations, like furniture and bulk food items, because we do not have storage space.

And, finally, Lighthouse staff has made due without official ministry office space since 2009. However, as the ministry grows this is becoming more difficult. To make a bigger impact we need more space.

The Solution

The future Lighthouse Ministry Center building at 410 S. Columbia St. has more than enough space to meet the current and future needs of our community. 

The building has over 42,000 square feet of usable space on three levels. Building out this space will provide optimized facilities designed specifically for each ministry’s need. Following the construction project and consolidation of ministries into this new space the Lighthouse’s operating expenses are not expected to materially increase. Rent will be the same in the building as the combined rents of the Soup Kitchen and Clinic, yet capacity to serve will be much higher. 

We have a ten-year purchase option on this property, which allows us to purchase the property at the right time and thereby completely eliminate rent expense. 

Completion of this project will allow Lighthouse Christian Ministries to better serve more people at a lower cost than ever before. 

We believe this is the right solution at the right time.


At Lighthouse Ministries we see real people reaching out to help real people. We don’t serve others because of laws that force us. Our hearts are thankful to God for his kindness so we are able to reach out kindly to give grace and help those in need.
The Lighthouse is dependent upon your generous support. Our ministries are completely supported by individuals from our community. As such we can freely minister our Gospel-centered help. We see the great power of the Gospel every day in this ministry.
We need your help to make this new Ministry Center a reality. Thank you for your consideration and support of this worthy project!

Ministry Center Donation